Let's celebrate your big day with Kunal Seth, a professional event designer, stylist & planner with 20 years of industry experience.

Chandigarh, one of India's earliest planned towns, is an excellent example of a modern Indian city. Chandigarh is regarded as being the ideal blend of modernity and heritage, in addition to being the capital of the two states. Chandigarh is a fantastic place to get married for several reasons, including the stunning modern architecture and the city's dedication to preserving and celebrating North Indian culture.

With the help of expert wedding planners in Chandigarh, arranging a dream wedding is a snap when its powered by 20 years of hospitality experience. Organizing a wedding is a lot of work, but it's also a lot of pleasure. Choosing the best services like best wedding decorators in chandigarh, photographers in Chandigarh or the ideal wedding venue in Chandigarh with us will save your time and effort. With the help of professional wedding planners chandigarh by Save the Date, organizing your big day will be a seamless, hassle free and guaranteed value for money, moreover we promise you'll have plenty of me time to enjoy yourself.

Top-Rated Wedding Organizers in Chandigarh!

Event’s organizer Kunal Seth works with proven, efficient dedicated teams and associations of Best Wedding planner in Chandigarh to give you a one-of-a-kind wedding you have always desired. Services such as DJs, singers, orchestras, celebrity managers, and caterers for events, wedding receptions are also available. Kunal Seth, the Best Event Planner in Chandigarh is a one-stop shop for all your wedding and event production or planning needs with successful world-wide events execution. Every celebration ought to be a unique expression of who you are. We start working step by step on the Elements that will make your vision a reality right from the first meeting we have with you by magically putting together your ideas.

Everyone desires that their wedding will be the start of a beautiful new chapter in their lives. The events leading up to and following the wedding are meticulously organized. Wedding planners provide couples with memorable ceremonies, unique thoughts, memorable event flow and reception ideas. Our weddings are fulfilled with fantastical themes of your desires like romance, royalty to personalized fairy tales. These days, couples want their weddings to stand out, so many choose unique concepts like those offered by wedding planners in India, which range from conventional to ultra-modern personalized themes.

Colors are an integral part of the design scheme for any wedding. Colors that are bright and cheerful are highly prized in Indian culture. The magnificent red, orange, gold, maroon, and violet hues. Flavors for the wedding. Pastel hues like light blue, yellow, pink, and green complement the sumptuousness of the beautiful draperies in these colors. As wedding designers we ensure the wedding decoration chandigarh and other vendors only ups the stakes for the big day.

Our Services

Our wedding services can be tailored to your preferences and requirements. The venue, strategy, experience, touch points, accommodation, food & beverages and cost all play a role in tailoring the services to specific events. The point of these services is to put your mind at ease so that you may focus on producing the highest quality results within your budget, enhancing the quality of your wedding experience. You can customize your wedding by adding whichever services you like or need.

To name a Few of Services that We Provide

In need of assistance in organizing your Big Day? Take it easy; we've got you covered. Our Event Day Management services handle all the planning, designing and execution of your wedding day so you can trust, relax and enjoy every moment of this lifetime journey.

Handpicked & Personalized Concepts Development & Execution

Every successful event needs a detailed plan and understanding of every element. Basis the desires and budget we hand hold the family to take them through this life time journey of dreams coming true.

Hotel Deal, Venue & Location Scouting

Based on your vision and our strong hotel industry networking via professional work experience and bonding, we assist in providing various options at various hotels & resort locations like beach, cruise, desserts, heritage locations, uphill’s destinations, city centreshotels etc.

While we making sure our guest gets to crack best of the deals, value for money and inclusions in your contracting.

Food & Beverage Designing

With 20 years of professional working experience in worldwide cuisines at luxury hotels and resorts worldwide, we make sure culinary as well as food & beverage services are well take taken care to your choice and not just a tick mark in the list.

The Indian wedding is like no other in the world. It is a precious moment of life that is cherished by family and friends for the rest of their lives. Nothing brings family and friends together in harmony as food. The aroma of the ovens, tandoor and flavors of cuisines from around the globe are imbedded into memories for years to come.

Pursuing a mindful strategy in preparing your unique, wedding event can promote a healthier and happier experience. Mindfulness allows happiness to blossom in hundreds of tiny moments during this special time. Eating should be a mindful experience, engage all senses: sight, smell, sound, taste and touch

E-invites and RSVP

With our personalized thoughts on wedding invitations, inviting your loved ones to the big day couldn't be simpler. On top of that, our professional RSVP is a fantastic method of getting people excited and reminding them of the event's planned date and all those details which they would love to get to make themselves at best comfort.


We assist with complete wedding logistics management, from transportation to distribution of invited and gift boxes to lodging for your guests. As a result, you can chill off and take pleasure in this momentous occasion. We wouldn't hesitate to get all your invites delivered in same day by a professional and warm delivery agencies.

Vendor Selection

Over years, this has been one of the key area where guests faces a lot of challenge and disparity with various types of vendors like decor, sound, artist, catering, favors etc. Hence, we bring right people on board who are trust worthy, reliable and committed to deliver what has been asked for. We work closely with all level of vendors to ensure our guests are facilitated with best product right Agreements, value for money, procedural detailing, planning and monitoring with the best suppliers in the region.

Event Planning, Designing, Styling & Hospitality

Throughout the ceremony and reception, our hospitality squad will assist your guests with everything they may require so that you may unwind and take pleasure in their company.

It might be challenging to decide on a single venue for a wedding when there are so many beautiful options. With our assistance, finding the ideal location to exchange vows is now within your reach. We make sure no stone is left unturned in delivering milestones weddings and events.

Event Day Coordination

We will handle all the little things that can go wrong on the Big Day, from guest management to any other last-minute concerns.

Why Hire Us?

Time Management

Get married with the help of our professional and hospitality skills to ensure a smooth and enjoyable ceremony and reception. We are here to be your event concierge, so you can rest easy knowing that we work for you around the clock.

Organize a Sequence of Ceremonies or Events

Adequate preparation and organization are essential for a successful event. If you're looking for a professional Wedding planner in Chandigarh, you've come to the right place. We take a tailored approach to determining your requirements by continuously soliciting feedback. Our professional staff will organize and carry out your event without you having to worry about the details.

Communicating Information Clearly

Adequate preparation and organization are essential for a successful event. If you're looking for a professional Wedding planner in Chandigarh, you've come to the right place. We take a tailored approach to determining your requirements by continuously soliciting feedback. Our professional staff will organize and carry out your event without you having to worry about the details.

Communicating Information Clearly

We organize the lead-up to the wedding systematically, making plans to outline the timing of each stage of the process so that you know exactly what to expect on the big day.

Spending Plans Should Be Analysed

Always being mindful of costs to avoid going overboard or even get rid of vague quotes.

Benefits of having wedding designer on board:

Designs and orchestrate an event/wedding from the beginning
Empowers drawing up budget and complete schedule related to event
No one is better coach than the planner to calm, reassure and support
Save your time and bring value for money. Besides all, we will achieve more, better, accurate and quicker.
Will make sure that not only the immediate family but also your guests have everything they need while adding memorable experiences
Wedding designer with 2 decades of hospitality industry ensures you a memorable, flawless & hassle free events.

We Make Memories

Kunal Seth Events organizer is the only name to remember when you need original ideas for your wedding preparations. Rather than imposing our opinions, we work with you to create one-of-a-kind events that reflect your personal preferences. We are a creative company that plans and executes all parties and ceremonies, from birthday bashes to corporate galas.

We're here to help you realize your wildest, most original wedding fantasies. As a leading wedding and event planner, we are committed to helping you organize your big day by implementing many of our creative suggestions.

We want you to be a part of the best event management and wedding planning experience you will ever have.

Kunal Seth & team has everything in place to help you organize the wedding of your dreams, no matter where you may be. Everything from the venue to the event planner to the photographer to the makeup artist, well, everything has been taken care of! When you book with us, not only do you get the best deals, but we also may throw in freebies like electronic invitations and social media and blog posts about your fantastic nuptials.

For additional information, please call +91 9592751000 or email us at info@kunalseth.in.

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